This One's Gonna Hurt

When you hear a song like this, you want to play it on ukulele. It's so upbeat and positive. But we are living in the 21st century and nothing is ever what it seems. Go grab Tomorrow from our member's section and prepare for a tough evening ahead.

Let's go through the key points. This is one of those songs that barely fits onto the ukulele and will take your undivided attention.

Don't lose too much sleep getting the timing right. I've played through this enough times for my wife to say, "Are you about done with that song?" And after all those times, never once did I feel like I needed to get the timing exactly as written and it still sounds great.

TheĀ  next challenge is not to dawdle on your way from measure 1 into measure 2. Grab that bar on 5 as quickly as possible. It'll happen again on measure 6. Also, don't neglect your 5 counts on measures 4 and 8.

Now, in measures 9, 10 and 11 those bar chords are real and they slide right up the neck. It's kinda fun once you get the hang of it.

Then the song goes back to the first idea before heading right back up the neck to bars on 7, 8, and (wait for it) ... 12! The weird bar in the middle of 18 is the least pleasant and I don't even make a bar shape there.

Get a load of the C chord (G on baritone) in measure 19. I've never used that shape before, but it's really lovely.