• For talking to a real human being or texting: 303-984-0777

How this works

Come rawk online. Grab your instrument, download the assignment, and be ready five minutes before our class to log on and join us live. If you live in Denver and need to borrow a ukulele, let me know. Refresh this page and the link will magically appear right before class. You can also log into live sessions directly or go listen to a recording of the broadcast via my YouTube page. Questions? Email me. Each day we start with "new member" music from the Introduction to Ukulele class, and then we proceed to "next level" material. Sometimes it's not too hard, sometimes it's brutal.

Wanna Help Out?

The best thing you can do for me is become a member of the website. Check it out here. If you were thinking, yeah, I'd like to pay for his Starbucks you can Venmo me at Gary-Jugert or you can PayPal me at https://PayPal.me/garyjugert

Approximate Daily Schedule

  • Room opens five minutes before the hour
  • First five minutes will be a chat time
  • Newer member instruction lasts about 20 minutes
  • Daily announcements at 25 past the hour
  • Next level member song begins at 30 past the hour

Daily Reminders

  • It's free. Stay home. Rawk.
  • Don't sit and listen ... get your uke out and do what you can.
  • Tell people about this program. It's good.
  • Copies of the videos are left on Gary Jugert's YouTube channel. Subscribe to it!
  • Resources are always on JollyRogerUkulele.com. Download 'em.
  • The "Ukulele" menu item above sorts things into proper order for newer players. Follow it.
  • Private lessons via Zoom are available if you email me. I'm cheap.
  • The ultimate goal is to get you composing original ukulele music. Use this!
  • I want to give you the option to NOT sing by playing instrumentally. Shhh.
  • Play at whatever level makes the most sense for you, and then reach for the next level.
  • Members have access to more modern music. Consider subscribing.

Future Themes in No Particular Order

  • Bruno Mars Week
  • Dolly Parton Week
  • James Taylor Week
  • Disney Week
  • TV Themes Week
  • Cat Stevens Week
  • Simon and Garfunkle Week
  • Sound of Music Week
  • Broadway Week
  • Movies Week
  • Love Week
  • Jack Johnson Week
  • Patriotic Week
  • Pirate Week
  • John Denver Week
  • Italian Favorites (Gelato?) Week
  • Neil Diamond Week
  • Stephen Foster Week
  • Looney Tunes for Ukulele