A Whole New World


Grab Your Magic Carpets

Go grab A Whole New World in our member's section. I thought it would be fun to clean up our solo version. It's a long one (four pages) and the first half is delightfully playable. Measure 6 has a weird chord up against the wrong melody note -- and that's why music is a delight. It's always something causing you angst.

If you've finished Book 1, you should have no problem playing the first 27 measures. After that however, the key changes from G to F (D to C on baritone), and of course the melody becomes a bit more intense. You'll be finding loads of awkward mini-bars on 1. After working up a good mad over those, you'll arrive at measure 40. There, you'll find your soul dying (being invigorated) a bit. Yup, another Bb (F for baritone) on 5, and you'll need to tuck your pinky under to grab the 7. It's a delight.

You know how I like to roll the final chords? Well, you'll be so thrilled to see it on this one you'll forgive me for all the other ones I've written over the years.