What’s Next with 2020


Okay, let's be straight, things aren't going according to anybody's plans. So let's try doing MY plan before the aliens show up and either zap us, or beam us up, or probe us, or whatever other craziness is about to happen.

Here's my plan:

Daily Harmonica: It's free. It's funny. It's actually good for your lungs. You'll forget about everything sad and wrong and will suddenly be in a death battle with the reed that's honking next to the reed you wish would honk. Check out this page and this page.

Daily Ukulele: It's free. Introductory and Next-Level rawk every day. You're probably already doing it anyway, just keep it up. Here's the front page of the website. We already have a heck of a member's section, so check out the ever growing list of stuff loading up on the ukulele page.

Daily Baritone: It's free. We're gonna start a baritone class and see if there's enough interest in keeping it going. Let's see if rawking five half-steps lower makes us as cool as we think we are. Here's the baritone page.

Daily Guitar: It's free. Levels 1 through Level 3 will turn you into a great guitarist. Level 4 costs a little bit, but gives you the world-class tunes you thought you could play when you were 16 and had that electric guitar. Whatever happened to that guitar? Go here for more information.

Weekly Ukulele Orchestra: It's for members, so yeah, you'll need to buy a membership. It's $5 for the first week and then just a smidge more than 25¢ a day. Hopefully you're getting a quarter's worth of benefit from hanging around with ukulele players from all over the world. We'll drill the heck out of our fingers in September and October until you're fast, flawless, brave, filled with love and light, and so much better looking than everybody you know. And then we'll continue in November and December out of my Christmas book. It's the best ukulele Christmas book available ... it's not quite as good as the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, but it's okay. I know Santa isn't on the top of your mind, but in this crazy Groundhog Day kinda world, it'll be the holidays tomorrow or the next day.