Auld Lang Syne


Happy New Year!

I'm going to start adding to our blog and it means you'll be getting email updates when I post. Primarily each post will focus on one song from the website you can tackle.

The sheet music for Auld Lang Syne is in the member's section. As always now, you can play it on ukulele and baritone, and as always you should try using the opposite sheet music to improve your chords. There is a full F7 (C7 on baritone) chord waiting for you the famous Bb on the 5th fret and if you watch Jan's video below you'll see her slide those in like a pro.

If you do Facebook, Jan posted a recording of her playing this! Go check it out:

I'll be putting a lot more energy into the website over the next few months, so you should see lots of things you haven't played for awhile (or ever) and it should be fun.

FYI: I've moved back the orchestra start date for one week as the entire country is on fire with covid and we need a week for everybody to recover. Please make sure you've gotten your third shot so we can all join together again safely.