Chords in Keys Chart

Ukulele Circle of Fifths Snippet


Back in the day ... here's how things began for my ukulele journey ...

Tiny Tim's shadow still loomed heavily over the landscape and nobody was playing ukulele outside of Hawaii. There were almost no educational materials and YouTube wasn't a thing yet. So I had to create all the ukulele stuff I needed to teach myself.

I'd been playing piano and had begun composing. So I knew I needed a fast and easy way to find the chords that went together, so I cobbled this Ukulele Circle of Fifths together. Now I find people are using it on clocks and coffee mugs around the internet.

It's amazing and super helpful. You should have a copy of it in your notebook.

You should also have a copy of my NEW Chords in Keys chart. It's also super helpful.

And you should grab a copy of the TuffUke composing blank.

Stop playing other people's music and start writing your own. It'll be a great adventure for you.