Been a Bit Crazy


When you're stuck in a madhouse it's probably healthy to notice the sun is shining outside. The news from around the world has been super scary for weeks now and it continues to get worse. So, I'm rushing the launch of everything on this site and working as fast as I can to get some decent online content up and ready for you to learn and teach instrumental ukulele.

Please pardon the dust, let me know about dead links, typos and spelling errors, and sentences that wander on like a psycho wrote them. We are setting up daily online lessons so if you're home with kids, or if you should be teaching music but your school is closed, or if you want to learn to play instrumentally ... frankly if you're just needing a distraction ... then hopefully you can benefit from taking a free class with me.

I'm not much to look at and I can't sing a lick, but I do know ukulele inside and out and I know how to get you playing and teaching it well. So go grab your uke, check the schedule, and join me for some classes. Even if you're a seasoned player, you might be able to pick up some teaching ideas and you might end up with a few resources I haven't already given you. I have a computer full of arrangements and original tunes I think will make your life easier.

The schedule as it stands right now is HERE.