Theory, Arranging & Composing


Wanna Use Your Ukulele Brain?

This page is OBVIOUSLY a new work in progress. Don't count on anything being here on any sort of regular schedule, but what is here is gonna be worth doing.

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Theory: You think you need to know more about music theory and in your head that's some big complicated thing. It's just simple math and you'll learn it much faster if you write some songs from scratch. Do the composing work too.


Arranging: You will need a piece of sheet music (not the chords and lyrics page) to get started AND you will have to have the mental toughness to know the difference between a transcription where we try to make it as close to the original as possible and an arrangement where YOU matter and the original song is just a starting point.


Composing: If I could give you one gift of all the things we work on here, it would be the gift of your own music. My piano teacher way back in the day realized I would never be a great pianist (or anything close to somebody capable of running a box full of wires) and she said, "let's talk about ho-ho-haf-ho-ho-ho-haf." Everything else I've done in music is less important than creating from scratch, no matter how dumb or terrible my original songs have been.