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Wow! 467 pieces of sheet music and growing every week.
(You should memorize three of them.)


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** Ukrainian National Anthem for Ukulele PDF **

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OrchestraMondays at 7 pm. Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra & Ukulele Orchestra of the Milky Way!

This is where fame and fortune begin. We don't care what your skill level is as long as you're vaccinated and boosted. If you're out of town, join us to support our international online orchestra. We  want you to keep showing up and pretending you're having fun. We'll make you a better and more competent musician.

Saturday May 21: Concert:

Link for participants to Join via Zoom will appear HERE at noon Denver time.

Link to watch the concert via YouTube will appear ON THE ORCHESTRA WEBSITE shortly before the concert begins at 2 pm.

More info is at Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra


On Break Until June. Jolly Roger Ukulele and Baritone Ukulele Foundations!

Hey, we're taking a break until June. Make sure you've joined the email list and I will be sending out plenty of things to keep you busy for the rest of the month and we'll be making plans for the Summer Institute. We have lotsa ukulele ahead.

  • Baritone sheets on their way
    • Beautiful Dreamer PDF
    • Hard Times Come Again No More PDF
    • Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair PDF
    • Oh Susanna PDF


Fridays at 9 am. Jolly Roger Ukulele Kick Yer Fanny Friday Tuff Rawk Members' Dance Party!

One beautiful morning each week our members rawk out on our modern, more advanced, and latest arrangements. Get your membership, grab your sheet music, get crackin'.

Friday May 21: Link to Join will appear HERE shortly before class time. Hit reload.

GAH! Contractor was supposed to be here right before class, and then I'd have been fine, but he was late and my brain short circuited. I will send an email with some new stuff. Sorry everyone. See you soon. Summer is going to be better.

Lesson was last week. This week we just play. Come prepared!

  • Red Red Wine
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Piano Man


Monday Nights: Summer Institute 2022!

Teachers of ukulele, future teachers of ukulele, and students of the greatest instrument on Earth: Here are the ideas you've given me about classes you'd be interested during Summer 2022. I will be building a schedule soon to cover as many of these topics as possible. If something is missing, let me know.

Ukulele Summer Institute: Dates to be announced (We'll start in June.)

  • How to practice / How to memorize
  • Arpeggios
  • Improvis¬† ation, turnarounds and licks
  • Lead sheets & arranging
  • Composing
  • Theory
  • Circle of Fifths
  • Reading notes
  • Counting: Flags and dots! Rhythms in general. 4/4 and 6/8.
  • Alternate chord shapes
  • MuseScore
  • Summer Songs
  • String changing
  • Playing more smoothly


I will have more time this summer to re-visit our MuseScore project. Some of you have forged ahead and can be of help with this.

  • Arranging OPM (Other People's Music) for Ukulele: On your own

    • Last Updated August 28
    • New page in progress HERE


We'll get back to writing some original music this summer. Get your pencils sharpened.

  • Composing Corner: On your own

    • Last Updated August 28
    • New page in progress HERE