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Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra information is moving HERE!

May 21, 2024 Rocky Mountain Ukulele Concert: https://youtube.com/live/ZM5jMJ1tMlI?feature=share

May 18, 2024 Rocky Mountain Ukulele Concert: https://youtube.com/live/ygz_SCxQtjA?feature=share


Jolly Roger Ukulele
TuffUke for Ukulele and Baritone

Solo fingerstyle and chord-melody arrangements in a constant state of chaos.

New stuff on its way. Hold onto your hats. The breezes are a blowin' yer way.


In-Person Classes in Lakewood, Colorado this Spring

Main topics: Reading standard notation and tablature, chords, finger picking, playing melodies, music theory (a tiny bit), solo and ensemble skills. No prior experience (or talent) necessary for the Intro class. You must take the Intro class prior to joining the Continuing class. In addition to the class fee, the textbook is $10 payable directly to the teacher. You must be at least 15 years old and bring a playable ukulele. Spring classes are posted, so go HERE and search keyword “ukulele” to register.

Love Songs on the Ukulele: January 11-25 $20

  • Beginning players: 6 pm
  • Players with previous experience: 5 pm

Session 1: February 1-29 $55

  • Introduction to Ukulele: 6 pm
  • Continuing Ukulele: 5 pm

Session 2: March 7-April 11 $55

  • Introduction to Ukulele: 6 pm
  • Continuing Ukulele: 5 pm

Session 3: April 18-May 23 $55

  • Introduction to Ukulele: 6 pm
  • Continuing Ukulele: 5 pm

For other events and classes I'm aware of, please visit the RMUO Calendar. Let me know if I've forgotten something.

The Voiceless

By Oliver Wendell Holmes 1858

WE count the broken lyres that rest
Where the sweet wailing singers slumber,
But o'er their silent sister's breast
The wild-flowers who will stoop to number?
A few can touch the magic string,
And noisy Fame is proud to win them:--
Alas for those that never sing,
But die with all their music in them!

Nay, grieve not for the dead alone
Whose song has told their hearts' sad story,--
Weep for the voiceless, who have known
The cross without the crown of glory!
Not where Leucadian breezes sweep
O'er Sappho's memory-haunted billow,
But where the glistening night-dews weep
On nameless sorrow's churchyard pillow.

O hearts that break and give no sign
Save whitening lip and fading tresses,
Till Death pours out his longed-for wine
Slow-dropped from Misery's crushing presses,--
If singing breath or echoing chord
To every hidden pang were given,
What endless melodies were poured,
As sad as earth, as sweet as heaven!