A Swashbuckling Ukulele Community

Become a musician dedicated to making and teaching music "the hard ways."
440 pieces of sheet music and growing every week.
(And you only need to be able to play 3 by heart.)


If you are newer here, you could probably benefit from looking at our About page.

We'll only meet on MONDAY NIGHT and Friday this week.
All times are Mountain (Denver) time.

  • Book 1: Learn to play the right way. 1 pm
  • Book 2: Tunes worth mastering. 1:30 pm
  • Book 3: "Classical" themes. 2 pm
  • Orchestra: Jazz standards. Mondays at 7 pm
  • Arrangers: Aggravations of MuseScore. On your own.
  • Composers: Music theory. On your own.

Reminder! I am not able to do tech support on Monday. Get your stuff on Sunday!


Monday October 18, 2021: Study on your own.


Tuesday October 19, 2021: Study on your own.


Wednesday October 20, 2021 Study on your own.


Thursday October 21, 2021: Study on your own.


Friday October 22, 2021: Link to Join will appear shortly before class. Hit reload!


Saturday October 23, 2021

  • Arranging OPM (Other People's Music) for Ukulele

    • Last Updated August 28
    • New page in progress HERE


Sunday October 24, 2021

  • Composing Corner
    • Last Updated August 28
    • New page in progress HERE