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You don't have to register for this site if you only want to view the introductory material. It's good stuff. You'll become a better player for free.

You probably should join our email list since you'll get lots of cool things and regular communication from me. That is also free. You can always unsubscribe later. The widget is on the right side of your screen if you're looking at this on a computer. It's down below if you're looking at this on your phone.

Now, here is what you really ought to do: Register and become a member. Here's why:

  • You'll get everything and I really pride myself on having the world's best stuff.
  • You'll have access to modern arrangements not just public domain music.
  • You'll be able to play at the highest level (if you'll practice and show up).
  • You'll get continuous updates of new music.
  • You'll have premier access to me and if you need an arrangement, you'll be more likely to get it.
  • You'll get a reduced rate for private lessons.
  • You'll have access to a complete musical education, not just a bunch of songs.
  • You'll be invited to subscriber only web broadcasts and you'll be able to join the Ukulele Orchestra of the Milky Way ... which is mostly playing really fast in your basement.
  • You'll be better looking with the glow of being a vastly improved ukulele player.

So, as a recap:

  1. Free: You can access everything in the public domain. Sheet music, performance videos, lesson videos and blog posts. All of the songs in my complete Introduction to Ukulele courses are available to you.

  2. Bronze Level 1: You can access everything the free users can use (which, holy moly, it's a LOT), and you'll also receive access to a never-ending stream of modern songs still under the confusing haze of copyright protection for your personal study. Check the ukulele tab in the menu above for a fairly comprehensive look at what you have waiting for you. They're probably the songs you thought you'd be playing. There will be new material posted regularly to keep you motivated.

    You'll also be able to participate fully in the Ukulele Orchestra of the Milky Way. And, subscribers will get priority when it comes to requesting sheet music be created for songs you love. You can register for the first week for $5US to make sure you like what is a available behind the curtain. After the first week, you'll be charged $25US each quarter -- just over 25¢ a day.

    You have complete control over your PayPal subscriptions so you can cancel anytime. At the moment, this is our only payment option, so please get on board now.

    To register, click this PayPal button:

    Coming someday

  3. Silver Level 2: I'll add access to our community discussion forums.
  4. Gold Level 3: I'll add a submission network and coach you personally.