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You probably ought to read this whole page. I know. Reading. Blech.

  • First, be aware the internet, and most books on Amazon, and most teaching programs, and your local ukulele meet-up group are all set up to make you believe playing ukulele is easy and fun. It can be and you've probably already checked some of that stuff out.
  • Second, if you are here, you're ready to take making music seriously. What we do here is not easy, and sometimes it's not even fun, but it will turn you into a fine, well-trained, disciplined musician and you will actually understand the nuts and bolts of how music works.
  • Third, almost everything we do here is free. Yeah, free.


Here's What You Ought to Do

Let's get you set up to use this site.

  • You definitely should join our email list. That widget is on the upper right hand side of this page. Go sign up now. If you're on your phone and are taking a break from doom scrolling Instagram, your widget is down below. I don't send out a ton of email, but it'll help you stay focused. You can easily unsubscribe later if you decide you're a bagpipe player.
  • You should click through all the tabs on the menu list above.
    • Home: Our weekly schedule is posted on the home page. Mostly you won't need the other tabs.
    • Ukulele & Baritone: All of our musicians go through this entire page. Everything is there to give you the skills you need and practice using those skills. It's all free and I work through it with you daily in our Foundations and Book 2 classes on YouTube.
    • Orchestra: This is the one of the subscriber benefits. Go read about it.
    • Video Archive: Hundreds of lessons on every subject. If you can't join us live, these are the next best thing.
    • Teachers: If you are a music teacher, you'll want this stuff. And if you're not, you'll need this stuff down the road when you start teaching somebody else how to do ukulele properly.
    • Subscribe: That's this page.
    • Member Portal: After you've subscribed, you'll have access to way way way more material. Hundreds of songs, more techniques, musicology and music theory.
    • About: How to contact me.
  • You should not download everything on the site. That's what you might have done on all the other sites. Downloading PDFs won't make you a better musician. The internet will provide you with all the free PDFs anybody could ever use forever. Downloading ONE item and studying it until you're an expert might make you the best ukulele player.

Now, here is what you really ought to do: Register and become a member. Here's why:

  • You'll get everything and I really pride myself on having the world's best stuff. No really, it's good.
  • You'll have access to modern arrangements not just public domain music.
  • You'll be able to play at the highest level (if you'll practice and keep showing up).
  • You'll get continuous updates of new music. I write a lot.
  • You'll have premier access to me and if you need an arrangement, you'll be more likely to get it.
  • You'll have access to a complete musical education, not just a bunch of songs.
  • You'll join the Ukulele Orchestra of the Milky Way ... which is mostly playing really fast in your basement. It's also focused on regular people making extraordinary music in every possible way imaginable. We're focused on mastery and pushing your skills up through all levels.
  • You'll be better looking with the glow of being a vastly improved musician using ukulele as your principal instrument.
  • And of course you'll give me a reason to keep this going.

So, as a recap:

  1. Free: You can access everything in the public domain. Sheet music, performance videos, lesson videos and blog posts. All of the songs in my complete Introduction to Ukulele courses are available to you.
  2. If you purchase a Bronze Level 1 membership: You can access everything the free users can use (which, holy moly, it's a LOT), and you'll also receive access to a never-ending stream of modern songs still under the confusing haze of copyright protection for your personal study. There will be new material posted regularly to keep you motivated. You'll also be able to participate fully in the Ukulele Orchestra of the Milky Way. And, subscribers will get priority when it comes to requesting sheet music be created for songs you love.
  3. You can register for the first week for $5US to make sure you like what is a available behind the curtain. After the first week, you'll be charged $25US each quarter (90 days) -- just over 25¢ a day.
  4. You have complete control over your PayPal subscriptions so you can cancel anytime. You don't need a PayPal account and can use a credit card if you'd prefer, just pay as a guest on their website.
  5. At the moment, this is our only payment option, so please get on board now. If you have any technical challenges, email me.

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