Arranging & Composing

Arranging and Composing for the Ukulele


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Start with downloading the software you need. Click on the MuseScore link. Then I think it's critical you arrange a few songs prior to undertaking a composing project. It helps you learn how music works on our instrument. For many of you that will be enough. If however you want to master music using the ukulele, you'll also do some composing and begin to stuff the cavernous knowledge base known as "music theory."

As always, most everything here is under constant updates and I am always open to discuss your reaction to the things found here. Email me if you'd like to chat.

  • MuseScore software for arranging and composing for the ukulele. Go HERE.
  • Arranging for solo play, small ensemble and large ensemble for the ukulele. Go HERE.
  • Composing new music on the ukulele. Go HERE.
  • Music Theory with a Ukulele-centric approach. Go HERE.