Jolly Roger for the Holidays

Jolly Roger for the Holidays


All of the modern stuff is in the member's section. Do you have a holiday you celebrate and there's no sheet music for ukulele that you like? Send me a note and let's work on it together.

Americana & Patriotic

America & God Save the Queen

Ukulele Solo PDF ~ Baritone Solo PDF

AmericaGodSaveTheQueenThe queen's no longer with us and depending on who you ask that's a mixed blessing or curse. The biggest problem is the red haired kid and his mouthy girlfriend moved to Hollywood and are doing whatever it takes to stay on TV and at some point you're like, look, we get it, being royal isn't all it's cracked up to be, but honestly, we're moving on to whomever they've cast in the Bachelorette this season so maybe you could just go back to merry ole England and patch things up with your peeps. This song is written on a Book 1 level difficulty, but we already have a patriotic song there and this is just more of the same. It would make a nice little show for the kids you supervise sometime around July 4th.

America the Beautiful

Ukulele Solo PDF ~ Baritone Solo PDF

AmericaTheBeautifulAccording to legend, this tune was inspired by a visit to Pike's Peak in Colorado. As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Denver, I was taught (or perhaps just assumed) America was the best, Colorado was the best, Pikes Peak was a super important mountain, and life is beautiful. I'd have to say all of those assumptions have been challenged of late, but the song itself is pretty dang good and it fits onto the ukulele in the Book 2 tradition. In measure 7, you'll be sliding back and forth while keeping open strings and that'll sound amazing, you have solid work to do in measures 10 and 11 with bar chords, and the best moment in the song happens when you nail the diminished chord in measure 13. If you do a great job playing the tune, you won't care if the lyrics are true or not.

Christmas-y: The Holidays on Instrumental Ukulele

Easter: Yeah, We've Got You Covered in the Member's Section

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