Jolly Roger Ukulele

On this website, you will learn to play ukulele at a high level even if you're a total beginner to music or the instrument. You will play with a far more sophisticated musical toolbox than most people ever learn. You will also learn how to teach others (the right way) to play ukulele. You might want to peek at the Teacher's Resources page. You should take lessons with somebody who has completed this program if you can, but it is not required if you follow each step.

You're probably going to scan down this sheet looking for something "cool" to play. That is the wrong thing to do. You should start at the top and play everything in sequential order so you will build the proper toolbox of skills.

Sound Files: They're to your right if you're on a computer or down below if you're on your phone. You can and should download them or listen to them one million times. You should always listen to the recording of a song prior to attempting it. You should also use a tempo slowing app and attempt to play along with the songs at a slow pace and then at increasing speeds until you can knock it out like a guru.

I have baritone ukulele versions of almost every topic on this page. For more information, see the Baritone page.

Print out the Assignment Sheet to track your progress. (I'm updating it as I add content ... there's lots to come.) Don't skip around. Do them all. As you print out the pages, put them into a three ring binder. Print everything double-sided to save paper. If you elect not to print, save PDFs into a file folder. They are numbered in a way to keep them in order by assignment.

I'm working on videos ... they'll be here eventually.


Book 1:

Before Your First Note

  1. Buying a ukulele and accessories PDF
  2. Tuning your ukulele three different ways PDF
  3. Proper posture when playing ukulele PDF
  4. Practice Log PDF

First Day in Ukulele

  1. Frère Jacques PDF ~ Lesson
  2. Soft Kitty PDF ~ Lesson
  3. Strumming in the Key of A Major PDF ~ Lesson

Key of C

  1. Ukulele C Major Scale PDF
  2. My Spaghetti Monster PDF
  3. Three Blind Mice PDF ~ Lesson
  4. Strumming in the Key of C Major PDF ~ Lesson
  5. Brahm's Lullaby PDF ~ Lesson
  6. Yankee Doodle PDF
  7. Little Boxes PDF
  8. Key of C Arpeggio PDF

Key of G

  1. Amazing Grace PDF
  2. Happy Birthday PDF
  3. All Through the Night PDF
  4. Home on the Range PDF
  5. Key of G Arpeggio PDF

Key of F

  1. Simple Gifts PDF
  2. Daisy Bell PDF
  3. Love Me Tender PDF
  4. Key of F Arpeggio PDF

Stretch Pieces

  1. Aloha 'Oe PDF
  2. Scarborough Fair PDF


Book 2

  • Coming Soon!


Composer's Manual

Have you written a new song today? Use the songwriting widget to pick a random key and then use these resources to create a new composition. Stop playing other people's music and build your legacy.


Intermediate Program Snippets

If you're working at this level or above, it's time for you to get with me about online private lessons.

Bach, Ah, Bach

  • Menuett Suite in G major and minor (Petzold) PDF


Traditional Tunes of Mexico

  • Cielito Lindo PDF
  • Las Mañanitas PDF
  • Las Chiapanecas PDF
  • La Cucaracha PDF
  • Jarabe Tapatio PDF

Music for Cows

Tin Pan Alley

  • After the Ball PDF
  • I'll See You in My Dreams PDF
  • Five Foot Two PDF


What's in the Member's Area?

All of Me, Both Sides Now, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, Downtown, Fly Me to the Moon, Girl from Ipanema, Lara's Theme, Moon River, Peter Cottontail, Smile.