Ukulele & Baritone Lessons


Ukulele and Baritone Lessons!


If you are new here (after reading the About page), go to Book 1 and ignore everything else.

  • About: Everything you need to know about the madness you're involved with here. About
  • Book 1: Even if you have prior experience, you need to do this and nothing else at first. Book 1
  • Book 2: Contains 60-ish public domain songs to help you get better. Book 2
  • Jumping Flea Arpeggiator: The single best book on ukulele ever written. Jumping Flea
  • Jolly Roger for the Holidays: Public domain stuff for various celebrations. Holidays
  • Jolly Roger TuffRawk: This leads to membership information. TuffRawk
  • Jolly Roger Song of the Day: This page is a mess. It'll be ready for 2024. SOD