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New-er Music: Modern Music for Members

Music that is modern (i.e., still under copyright to the composer), extra difficult, or stuff I'm so proud of I don't leave it laying around for any fool to grab is all housed in our member's section. Go HERE for info about becoming a member.

What Else is in the Member's Area?

Well, do the math ... there are about 100 arrangements or so lying around here for free to anybody who bee-bops on by. There are more than 500 arrangements on the site in total. That means there's a year's work of music waiting for you in the member's area assuming you play a new song every day. And, for the most part, they're more modern, more exciting, more difficult, and probably the kind of music you want to be conquering. If you've competed Book 1, feel comfortable in Book 2, and played some out of the Jumping Flea Arpeggiator, then you're ready to become a member. Go get signed up to join us HERE.