Ukulele Orchestra of the Milky Way


Hello and welcome to our ensemble ... a resource for musicians preferring to catch the music bug and nothing else. We are preparing to go to battle with the Andromeda Ukulele Orchestra and we need you to bring your axe and your mad skills.

To participate fully you'll need:

  • The link to join the class is near the top of the front page.
  • A ukulele or baritone ukulele and a tuner
  • The ability to read chord grids and tablature
  • An internet connection and access to YouTube
  • A membership ($5 for the first week and $25 per quarter afterward)
  • Availability on Mondays at 7 pm MDT

What you'll get:

  • World-class sheet music for ensemble play
  • Arrangements with ukulele and baritone parts
  • Step by step instruction for coaching ukulele groups
  • Speed drills and problem solving strategies
  • Coaching on creating your own arrangements
  • A peek into the future of music education
  • A whole messa smarts and a little fun and aggravation

Here's what we're playing this week:

You must have a membership this fall to join the orchestra. It's cheap.

Technical support takes 24 hours to turn around, so don't wait until the last minute to sign up or you may miss a day. If you are struggling with finances, please let me know and I will find a way to help you out.