Barbie Girl


August 17, 2023: Barbie Girl by Aqua is in the member's section.

There's probably no point in starting this song unless you've heard the original on YouTube. Go search Aqua Barbie Girl over there first. There is a different version with Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice, but that's even more crass. Astonishingly, they used this song in the recent Barbie movie as an instrumental. When you're ready to tackle this thing, go listen to the MP3 in the widget while you look over the sheet music. The lyrics here are a level of annoying you see too frequently in pop songs and they're rather judgmental, so don't think too long about it. You'll "git dumb-er." From an ukulele perspective, it's more challenging than you'd think being in D minor (A minor on baritone) with all open positions. Getting the rhythm correct is quite difficult . Ideally, you should play this super fast, but it's actually funnier if you play it with a slow melancholy. Look out for slurs in the standard notation because those will make nice pull-offs, notice the staccatos in measures 14 and 16. Also, the three dotted eighth notes in measure 17 give you that nice disco punch you've been dying to do on ukulele. I tacked a high F major chord onto the end to give it a more joyful wrap up.