Three Blind Mice


Lesson #14: Three Blind Mice is available in Book 1.

ThreeBlindMiceHere's a chance to get better at rest strokes while dealing with the murder and mayhem of a farmer's wife gone insane. This entire song uses only one chord and in the TuffUke version, I'm asking you to play that chord under every single melody note. This can start to sound monotonous if you're not paying attention to what your ukulele is telling you. You need to hit the melody string with a little more oomph to bring out the tune. Make sure you're playing loudly and boldly without fear of mistakes, because there are no mistakes in music. If you're timid, the farmers wife may come after you with her carving knife and you don't want that as she seems to be challenged with appropriate problem solving.

By the way, I know an advanced jazz musician who does a five minute riff on Three Blind Mice and it's amazing.

On this piece, look at all those zeros! You're still using only your right thumb to play the TuffUke. In the next lesson, you'll be playing the chord-melody arrangement in two different ways.