MargaritavilleOctober 6, 2023: Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet is posted in the member's section.

It's been awhile since I've hated arranging a song as much as I hated this experience. Now, I know a lot of you love this song, after all, when it's playing in a bar, particularly a resort bar, you get to sing loudly the never ending insipidly uninspired and horrendously trite chorus over and over and over four freaking times. AND, since you know it's not like me to make fun of things in music 🙄, I do need to warn you. It's possible this may be the single dumbest song ever. It might be the best example of a reason to beat somebody (namely the "composer") with their own guitar. Maybe not to death, but definitely until the guitar is broken beyond repair. It's probably justification for getting rid of all guitars, as if we didn't have plenty of reasons already. It's so busy oozing privilege, I kinda hope the narrator gets MRSA from that pop top tragedy. Should you undertake the study of this song, I suggest you go old-school ukulele and just strum and sing this one. The ukulele version is in the original key and will require you to use a ghastly total of three chords ... the three beginner chords we teach guitarists ... way to go Jimmy. He died with one BILLION dollars in his bank account thanks to three chords. Should you decide to spend time on the instrumental side here, I found a place to change the meter for one measure to at least have one moment of something interesting. Yay 7/4, but please know that single change would have sent Mister I-Like-Margaritas to a sanitarium. OK, there's all the nice stuff I can say about this one. Please pick a better song to work on.