Time Slot Confirmation

Confirmation Page! Please Read!

Please check your email prior to coming to your time slot. If there are last minute changes, I will have emailed you. If you need to email me, please send to garyjugert@yahoo.com

All time slots are $30 UNLESS we have a prior agreement. If we are doing string changes during your time slot, those are $20 for High G ukuleles, and $25 for Low G and Baritone ukuleles, and for guitars. If you want me to put on strings you own, it will be less, but I won't put on old crummy strings you found in your dad's basement.

If you are meeting with me online, you will be emailed the video link a minute or two before the meeting.

If you are meeting with me face to face, please arrive at least five minutes early so we can take advantage of the time.

Most lessons are between 30 and 45 minutes and the extra time allotment is for chit-chatting about my dog and your anger at your neighbor's tom-foolery.

I don't have a studio policy, so you are not required to pay in advance, but if you cancel a lesson at the last minute, I would expect you to pay for that. Please let me know with at least 24-hours notice you need to cancel an appointment so I have a shot a scheduling somebody else in your spot.